Contractor Profile
Added with the 7 Feb 2013 Game Update.
Difficulty Medium
Portrait full Wolfgang
Total Contracts 90
Minimum Level 65
Travel Time 4 hours
Final Reward +100% XP from dispatching all trains
Accepted Locomotives Icon Shop Loco Steam
Icon Shop Diesel Diesel
Icon Shop Electric Electric
Icon Shop Maglev Maglev[1]
Shop Wolfgang's Shop
Other Information The Story
Contractor Station Street Sizes
Maximum Passengers Per Hour
  1. Maglev locomotives are accepted after completing contract #12

Contract listEdit

Train sets rewardedEdit

Wolfgang gives the following train sets as rewards for completing his contracts.
The number before the name of the set is the contract number that awards the final piece of the set.

Icon Shop Passenger Wagon Passengers
57 Wolfgang's VIP expands Bobby's VIP
Icon Shop PassMail Wagon Passengers & Mail
23 Donald Duck
78 Henschel-Wegmann II


Wolfgang Contracts Completion Pictures
Description Photo
Splash screen from collection of Wolfgang's final contract.
Wolfgang Completion Splash
Certificate from Wolfgang granting you the use of his station and explaining the final bonus associated with completion of his contracts.
Wolfgang Ownership
Old Contractor Portrait Wolfgang

Contractor Portrait until 14 Nov 2013