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Contractor Profile
Another competitor in the game of business contracts has arrived. Will Herr Otto put a good use to his resolve and determination? Don't get scared away by his strict commands. Otto can be really generous, if he gets what he needs. You can find Otto's office on the "Contracts" screen once you have at least one international train slot.
Added as part of the 30 Jun 2011 Game Update.
Portrait full Otto
Total Contracts 40
Difficulty Medium
Minimum Level 35
Final Reward Storage Size +100
Locomotives Accepted Icon Shop Loco Steam
Icon Shop Diesel Diesel
Shop Otto's Shop
Other Information The Story
Contractor Station Street Sizes
Maximum Passengers Per Hour

Rebalanced with update 30.5.2013 List is now up to date.

Contract listEdit

Train sets rewardedEdit

Otto gives the following train sets as rewards for completing his contracts. After the name of each set is a number in parentheses; this is the contract number that awards the final piece of the set.

Passengers & mailEdit


Otto Contracts Completion Pictures
Description Photo
Splash screen from collection of Otto's final contract.
Otto Completion Splash
Certificate from Otto granting you the use of his station and explaining the final bonus associated with completion of his contracts.
Otto Ownership
Old Contractor Portrait Otto

Contractor Portrait until November 14th, 2013

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