Contractor Profile
Meet contractor Ling, she is a teacher, a researcher, and a specialist in utilization of all new materials. Help her in her endeavour to make the world a better place.

Added with the 19 Jun 2017 Game Update, with the first 25 contracts.
With the 31 Jul 2017 Game Update, the next 25 contracts were released.
With the 23 Oct 2017 Game Update, the next 25 contracts were released.

Difficulty Hard
Portrait full Ling
Total Contracts 100
Minimum Level 300
Travel Time 4 hours
Final Reward It's a mystery!
Accepted Locomotives Icon Shop Loco Steam
Icon Shop Diesel Diesel
Icon Shop Electric Electric
Icon Shop Maglev Maglev
Icon Shop Hyperloop Hyperloop
Shop Ling's Shop
Other Information The Story
Contractor Station Street Sizes
Maximum Passengers Per Hour

Contract listEdit

Train sets rewardedEdit

Ling gives the following train sets as a reward for completing her contracts.
The number before the name of the set is the contract number that awards the final piece of the set.

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