This page is about the icons that are used at this wiki

Name Icon
Building Icon Shop Building
Cargo Wagon Icon Shop Cargo
Decoration Icon Shop Decoration
Diesel Locomotive Icon Shop Diesel
Dual Wagon (pass./mail) Icon Shop PassMail Wagon
Duration Duration
Electric Locomotive Icon Shop Electric
Extension Icon Extension
Flag Icon Shop Flag
Gem(s) Gems
Gold Gold
Grid space Space
Hyperloop Locomotive Icon Shop Hyperloop
Limited Offer Logo Limited 
Limited Offer (Christmas) Logo Limited 
Limited Offer (Halloween) Logo Limited 
Limited Offer (Sports) Logo Limited 
Limited Offer (Winter) Logo Limited 
Maglev Locomotive Icon Shop Maglev
Mail Mail
Mail Wagon Icon Shop Mail Wagon
Material(s) Material
Mystery Depot Icon Shop Mystery
Mystery Depot (no longer available) Historical Mystery Depot
National Flag Locomotive Icon Shop National
New (items) Logo New
Offer Box  Offer Box
Passenger(s) Passenger
Passenger Income Income
Passenger Wagon Icon Shop Passenger Wagon
Power (Locomotives) Icon Power
Reward Icon Storage Reward
Seasonal Icon Seasonal
Special (Building) Logo Special
Special Event Icon SpecialEvent
Special Offer Icon Shop SO
Steam Locomotive Icon Shop Loco
Theme Icon Shop Theme
Train Set Logo Set
Train Set (200+ set bonus) Logo Set+
Vintage Offer Icon Shop VO
Whistle Whistle
XP/Special Wagon Icon Shop XP Wagon
Name Icon
Aerogel Aerogel
Bismuth Bismuth
Borax Borax
Bricks Bricks
Carbon Carbon
Cement Cement
Fuel Fuel
Glass Glass
Gravel Gravel
Lithium Lithium
Marble Marble
Nails Nails
Nanotubes Nanotubes
Neodymium Neodymium
Plastics Plastics
Rubber Rubber
Silicon Silicon
Steel Steel
Titanium Titanium
Uranium/U-235 U-235
Wires Wires
Wolfram Wolfram
Wood Wood
Xenon Xenon