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19 Nov 2017Edit


  • Template:Send, for "Send" contracts, to keep the coding in a contract list at a minimum. (see page for details)

16 Nov 2017Edit


  • Template:Deliver, for "Deliver" contracts, to keep the coding in a contract list at a minimum. (see page for details)

5 Nov 2017Edit


2 Nov 2017Edit


  • Category:Items with missing dates now appears when the date parameter in {{Offer}} is empty
    • Just a reminder: Do not include images/icons with the dates, and keep the parameter empty when the date is unknown

29 Oct 2017Edit


  • Added Category triggers to Infobox_contractor, Category:Contracts shows automaticaly now, as well as Category:Seasonal and Category:<event>, when the event parameter is in use

24 Oct 2017Edit


  • Locomotive tax shows now centered, leaving out the tax parameter or entering 0 (zero) still doesn't work

18 Oct 2017Edit


  • Added parameter event to Infobox_contractor, This will show the event instead of "Difficulty - Seasonal"

15 Oct 2017Edit


  • Portal Only changed to explaining text, and moved to below Purchase Information
  • Simplified the Notes section, no need for 21 lines of code if it can be done with 7
  • Wagons no longer need the wagon_bonus parameter when the bonus is 0% (was actually an earlier change)

13 Oct 2017Edit


  • Parameter portal for Portal Only items.
    This will add the text Portal Only with coloured background above the item's image, and trigger the Portal Only category.
    Items covered so far: Buildings, Decorations, Locomotives, Wagons, and Flags.

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