The Mystery Depot can be found in the Shop. It contains a collection of Mystery Boxes that, when purchased, award a randomly selected special item. If you have completed all of Alan's contracts, all prices in the Mystery Depot are discounted by 10%.

ShopTab MysteryDepot

With the 14 Mar 2016 Game Update, the Mystery Depot was completely replaced with new Mystery Boxes and contents. All previous Mystery Boxes can be found on our Historical Mystery Depot page.

On 8 Aug 2013, the Mystery Depot was removed from the Special Offer section and given its own Shop tab.

Current Mystery DepotEdit

Name Cost Discounted
Buy XP Level
Odd Container Odd Container 325 Gems 293 Gems 13,700 XP 75
Box of Curiosities Box of Curiosities 1,000,000 Gold 900,000 Gold 10,000 XP 75
Ancient Blueprints Ancient Blueprints 175,000 Wood
175,000 Bricks
175,000 Glass
157,500 Wood
157,500 Bricks
157,500 Glass
45,000 XP 75
Enigmatic Container Enigmatic Container 250 Gems 225 Gems 260,000 XP 175
Box of Rarities Box of Rarities 2,500,000 Gold 2,250,000 Gold 32,500 XP 175
Historic Blueprints Historic Blueprints 750,000 Gravel
750,000 Titanium
750,000 Marble
675,000 Gravel
675,000 Titanium
675,000 Marble
200,000 XP 175
Box of Marvels Box of Marvels 4,500,000 Gold 4,050,000 Gold 60,000 XP 250
Obscure Container Obscure Container 250 Gems 225 Gems 750,000 XP 250
Modern Blueprints Modern Blueprints 1,200,000 Carbon
1,200,000 Wires
1,200,000 Plastics
1,080,000 Carbon
1,080,000 Wires
1,080,000 Plastics
365,000 XP 250

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