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Locomotives in TrainStation are used to haul Materials Material, Passengers Passenger, and Mail Mail to Contractors, Friends, and remote Destinations. The player earns access to a wide range of Locomotive types covering the entire span of railway history, from vintage Steam engines to futuristic Hyperloops. Each type of Locomotive can apply a Bonus to the wagons behind it, and using certain Special Buildings Logo Special can increase this Bonus even further.

TrainStation includes many real-world locomotives, but also offers many fictional models created by Pixel Federation.

Steam LocomotivesEdit

Loco Steam
Steam Locomotives are the hard working, smoke chugging workhorses of the earliest railroads. They used a heat source to convert water into steam that acted on cylinders to produce motion. TrainStation includes Steamers ranging from one of the first successful engines, the Stephenson Rocket, to the some of the most recent, like the A1 Peppercorn.

Diesel LocomotivesEdit

Loco Diesel
Diesel Locomotives began replacing Steam power in the early 1900s. Diesel engines burn liquid fuel in an internal combustion engine/turbine to produce motion or generate electricity for motors. TrainStation includes Diesels ranging from the early Yu-e 001 Pioneer to modern engines like the ES44 Hybrid Double.

Electric LocomotivesEdit

Loco Electric
Electric Locomotives were developed to eliminate the smoke produced by earlier locomotives and take advantage of efficient electric motors using overhead lines or powered rails. TrainStation includes Electrics ranging from an early GE Steeplecab to the ultra-modern Zefiro 380.
  • Level Required: 40
  • Extension Required: Electrification
  • Rails Required: Normal Rails
  • Dispatch Tax: U-235 U-235
  • Bonus: Passenger Icon Shop Passenger Wagon /Mail Icon Shop Mail Wagon /XP Icon Shop XP Wagon Capacity +100%
  • Special Buildings:
    • None
  • Materials Allowed:

Maglev LocomotivesEdit

Loco Maglev
Maglev Locomotives are not technically trains, but use electric Magnetic Levitation to lift the train above the track and provide propulsion with very little friction resistance. TrainStation includes Maglevs ranging from an early Rapid 09 to a modern Yamanashi 01-1 and many fictional versions. Maglevs have their own specific Maglev Wagons.

Hyperloop LocomotivesEdit

Loco Hyperloop
Hyperloop Locomotives are not technically trains, but are more like Maglevs which travel inside tubes containing a vacuum to nearly eliminate air drag resistance. TrainStation contains mostly fictional Hyperloops as they are still being developed. Hyperloops can only haul Hyperloop-specific Cargo Wagons Icon Shop Cargo .
  • Level Required: 200
  • Extension Required: Hyperloop Era
  • Rails Required: Hyperloop Rails
  • Dispatch Tax: Gold Gold
  • Bonus: None
  • Special Buildings:
    • None
  • Materials Allowed:
    • Lithium Lithium
    • Aerogel Aerogel
    • Nanotubes Nanotubes
    • Neodymium Neodymium
    • Wolfram Wolfram
    • Borax Borax
    • Xenon Xenon
    • Bismuth Bismuth

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