• The General, as displayed in the museum
  • Crampton, as displayed in the museum
  • Stephenson Rocket arriving
  • Belgian in Train Ride mode


In TrainStation there are large number of Locomotives ranging from steam engines of the past to diesel engines to hypermodern electric trains, and into the future.

Locomotives in TrainStation are used to haul resources, passengers, and mail. Some locomotives are more suited to haul resources, and some others passengers and mail.

Steam LocomotivesEdit

Steam Locomotives are unlocked by default. The tax paid for dispatching a steam train is Gold. Steam trains offer no bonus for passengers or materials. That is, unless the Special Buildings: Brick Workshop increases cargo capacity by 20%, Railway Hotel increases passenger capacity by 50%.

Interesting fact: Steam Engines are an example of external combustion engines. The heat source is applied outside the cylinder (as opposed to internal combustion engines). The same principle is used to power Nimitz-class aircraft carriers.

Diesel LocomotivesEdit

DSB Class MZ
Diesel Locomotives are unlocked at level 25. The upgrade must by purchased from the shop.

Diesels offer a 40% bonus to passenger and cargo wagons. The tax for diesel trains is fuel Fuel.

Electric LocomotivesEdit

ES64U Taurus
Electric Locomotives are unlocked at level 40. The extension can be purchased from the shop.

Electrics offer a 100% bonus to passenger and mail cars as well as the amount of XP received from XP wagons. The tax for electric locomotives is paid in U-235 U-235.

Maglev LocomotivesEdit

Maglev Locomotives are unlocked at level 120. The upgrade can be purchased from the the shop.

Maglev locomotives themselves do not offer any bonuses to passengers or freight, but Maglev cars offer massive bonuses. For example, Razor Silicon gives an 800% bonus to cargo - that is the equivalent of 9 Silicon Carts. The tax for maglev locomotives is U-235 U-235.

Hyperloop LocomotivesEdit

Hyperloop Locomotives are unlocked at level 200. (MORE INFORMATION COMING SOON!)

National Flag EnginesEdit

BR 55 Union Jack
National Flag Engines represent significant local engines emblazoned with a national flag. For instance, the BR 55 Union Jack is a Deltic 55 wearing Union Flag livery in recognition of that train's history in the UK.

They were originally offered for either 300 Gems or 1,000,000 Gold.

National Flag Engines were discontinued as of May 4, 2015. For the last month of their availability the cost was reduced to 150 Gems or 800,000 Gold. All National Flag Engines have Limit 1.


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