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Players can access the Limited Offer (abbreviation: LO; Shop icon: Logo Limited  ) section of the Shop by clicking on the Seasonal Items
Logo Limited

Current LO Icon

Icon (shown at left) on the main game screen or the Seasonal Items Offer tab in the Shop (shown above).

Seasonal Offer items are available only for a short time. A new Limited Offer arrives every Monday game update during seasonal events.

See also: Gem Offer.
Limited gem offer
Offer Start Date Icon Shop Loco Icon Shop Cargo / Icon Shop Passenger Wagon / Icon Shop XP Wagon Icon Shop Building / Icon Shop Decoration / Other
14 Jan 2019 Autonoe
Polar Star
Xmaslight Double
Xmaslight Quad
AGV Frost
Silver Frost
Vitesse Frost
Autonoe Borax
Autonoe Borax+
Autonoe Xenon
Autonoe Xenon+
Icehawk Cement
Icehawk Titanium
Xmaslight Carbon
Xmaslight Glass
Xmaslight Silicon
Xmaslight Wood
Frost 1st class
Frost 2nd class
Frost Tail
Frost VIP
Polar Star
Polar Star Tail
Snowflake 1st Class
Snowflake 2nd Class
Polar Star Mail
Frost Versatile
Lively 2nd class
Chalet Icon Shop Building
Ice Bar Icon Shop Building
Penguin Gunther Icon Shop Decoration
Polar Icon Shop Theme
Snowy Biosphère Icon Shop Building
Snowy Black Hills Icon Shop Theme
Snowy Metropolis Icon Shop Theme
Snowy Old Pine Icon Shop Decoration
Snowy Pantheon Icon Shop Building
Snowy Park Icon Shop Decoration
Snowy Tall Fir Icon Shop Decoration
Snowy Willow Icon Shop Decoration
Snowy Young Pine Icon Shop Decoration
Winter Home Icon Shop Building
Winter Hotel Icon Shop Building
Winter Lake Icon Shop Theme
Winter Monument Icon Shop Building
Winter Mountains Icon Shop Theme
Winter Resort Icon Shop Building
7 Jan 2019 FrostBite Class A1
Glarus Quad
Glarus Triple
Vectron Ice Double
Vectron Ice Quad
Winterliner Double
Winterliner Triple
FrostBite 1st Class
FrostBite 2nd Class
FrostBite Economy
FrostBite VIP
Frostwind Bricks
Frostwind Marble
Frostwind Wires
Frostwind Wood
Ice Gravel
Ice Plastics
Ice Rubber
Ice U-235
Glarus 1st class
Glarus 2nd class
Glarus Mail
Glarus VIP
Sarma 1st class
Sarma 2nd class
Sarma Tail
Cheerful Snowman Icon Shop Decoration
Delay Sign Icon Shop Decoration
Frozen Bill Icon Shop Decoration
Ice Station Icon Shop Building
Leafless Birch Icon Shop Decoration
Queen's Monument Icon Shop Decoration
Park Birch Icon Shop Decoration
Snow Dragon Icon Shop Decoration
Snowy Buildings Icon Shop Building
Snowy Cosy House Icon Shop Building
Snowy Fir Icon Shop Decoration
Snowy High Rise Icon Shop Building
Snowy House Icon Shop Building
Snowy Monument Icon Shop Decoration
Snowy Observatory Icon Shop Building
Tall Birch Icon Shop Decoration
Winter Birch Icon Shop Decoration
2 Jan 2019 SJ F Magni
SJ F Odin
SJ F Thor
Class 47 Carol
Class 47 Festive
Class 47 Merry
Vintage Travca
Vintage Travca BCKP
Here's To New Year II
FrostTouched 1st class Gems
FrostTouched 2nd class Gems
FrostTouched Luxury Gems
FrostTouched Restaurant Gems
FrostTouched Vip Gems
Travca 1st class
Travca 2nd class
Travca Restaurant
Travca VIP
Ice Brick Bringer Icon Shop Decoration
Ice Loco Icon Shop Decoration
Ice Nailer Icon Shop Decoration
Snowy art gallery Icon Shop Building
New Year Billboard Icon Shop Decoration
Present Icon Shop Decoration

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