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Players can access the Limited Offer (abbreviation: LO; Shop icon: Logo Limited  ) section of the Shop by clicking on the Seasonal Items
Logo Limited

Current LO Icon

Icon (shown at left) on the main game screen or the Seasonal Items Offer tab in the Shop (shown above).

Seasonal Offer items are available only for a short time. A new Limited Offer arrives every Monday game update during seasonal events.

See also: Gem Offer.
Limited gem offer
Offer Start Date Icon Shop Loco Icon Shop Cargo / Icon Shop Passenger Wagon / Icon Shop XP Wagon Icon Shop Building / Icon Shop Decoration / Other
27 Dec 2013 2014 Champagne
2014 Countdown
Finest Champagne
Snowy Berlin Gate
Snowy Estate
Snowy High Rise
Winter Refinery
19 Dec 2013 Yuletide Frosted Tree
Snowy Biosphère
Snowy Refinery
Snowy Rubber Factory
Snowy Union Station
12 Dec 2013 Gift of Winter Quad
ÖBB 1014 Star
AC-11 Northern
Merry Christmas Quad
Snowy Home
Snowy Dwelling
Christmas Stall
Snowy Buildings
Snowy Old Pine
Snowy Small Spruce
Snowy Windmill
5 Dec 2013 Gift of Winter
Jingle Bells
Golden Cupid
Golden Dancer
Arctic Tail
Gift Nails
Gift Wood
Gift Glass
Gift Bricks
Snow Overhang
Snow Drift
Snowed-in IORE
Candy Canes
Melting Snow
Snowy Cosy House
Snowy House
Snowy Observatory
Snowy Tall Fir
Snowy Tall Spruce
28 Nov 2013 Comet
Aurora Borealis Triple
Arctic Berkshire
Aurora Borealis
Arctic Berkshire
Aurora Borealis Double
Santa's Five
Merry Christmas
Joy to the World
Silent Night
I Saw Three Ships
Arctic Coach
Arctic Mail
Santa's Express Mail
Santa's Express Coach
Merry 1st Class
Merry 2nd Class
Merry Wishes
Ice Station
Light Pole
Berlin Market
Christmas Main St
Cardiff Market
Ice Loco
Delicate Shards
Bell Pole
Icy Tree
Snowy Switch Tower
Snowy Fir
Garland Pole
Ice Nailer
Snowy Tree
Cardiff Lights
Christmas Pyramid
Christmas Ornaments
Christmas Bush
Lucent Icicle
Giant Mushroom
Thin Snowy Tree
24 Oct 2013 The Undertaker
Lord D.
EL-2B Wraith
S1 Spooky
Zombie Carrier
Funeral Wagon
Ten Inch Nails
Coffin Carrier
Coach of the Beast
Coach of the Witch
Tombstone Carrier
Groovy Pumpkin
Forlorn Grave
Haunted House
Forgotten Grave
Smashin' Pumpkin
Haunted Cathedral
Tasty Pumpkin
Rollin' Tombstone
Haunted Mansion
Old Barn
Halloween Palace
Halloween House
Halloween Station
Scary Pumpkin
17 Oct 2013 TS Birthday
TS Birthday Double
TS Jubilee
TS Jubilee Double
Pixel Federation HQ
Oct 2013 Spring Cargo
8 Aug 2013 ES44 Orbiter Triple
ES44 Orbiter Double
ES44 Orbiter
ES44 Orbiter Quad
Space Shuttle Carrier
Rocket Fuel (2012)
Starfall Night
4 Jul 2013 Freedom Genesis II
Freedom Genesis I
Freedom Genesis III
Family House
27 Jun 2013 EMD Young Leader Leader's Bikes
20 Jun 2013 Midsummer Night
Midsummer Night II
Midsummer Night III
Golden Clovers
Danish Cabin
Finnish Summerhouse
Midsummer Bonfire
Midsummer Maypole
Norwegian Cottage
Red Clovers
Swedish Cabin
16 May 2013 Diggy's Adventure
9 May 2013 Abraham Lincoln
Ferdinand Magellan
28 Mar 2013 Vesna
Easter Goose
14 Mar 2013 Leprechaun Double
Leprechaun Triple
Trefoil Double
Green Fountain
Green Fountain
St. Patrick's State
9 Mar 2013 Locomotive Museum
31 Jan 2013 Simon's Party