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International Trains (abbreviated as IT) are similar to Local Trains except they deliver trains, materials, and/or gold to contractors and other players. ITs are unlocked after purchasing the first International Slot at level 10. This also unlocks the Contracts section of the game.

International Train Light
International Train Light 2
Player ITs are unique in that they are never seen at their own stations, however, IT trains from Neighbors are. Yellow signal lights indicate an IT from a Neighbor (and those trains will have yellow outlines). White signal lights indicate a player's IT is idle and awaiting dispatch. NOTE: Yellow lights override white lights.

ITs are managed via the Your Trains (Trains Manager) button in the game menu and have their own section. The numbers represent the number of used/maximum International Slots the player has.
Train Manager IT


Once the player builds an IT, they then choose who to send it to. The time required to complete an IT run depends on the chosen recipients:

  • NORMAL: Most Contractors and all Neighbours - 4 hours
  • Bobby - 2 hours
  • Johann - 1 hour
  • Mrs. Wilma - 30 minutes

Often, special events are held where the Trip Duration for NORMAL International Trains are reduced. Typically, it is lowered to 3 hours.

It is worth noting here that when using Trainroute Planner to send to multiple recipients, the longest duration will always take priority. For example, sending a train to Bobby AND Johann will take 2 hours, not 1.

Next, the player chooses how many resources to send using a slider bar. Trains carrying multiple resources will have multiple sliders.

Finally, the player dispatches the train, or has the option to change recipients.


Once ITs are dispatched, they can only be cancelled for the first 1:40 (one minute and forty seconds) of the trip. The "Cancel Train" button can be found by expanding the small arrow next to the train:

Cancel IT

Speeding UpEdit

Speed Up
All ITs can be sped up to return faster using gems Gems. Using this option will cause the train to unload any resources at their destination and immediately return to the player's Trains Manager for re-use. The more of the trip duration remaining, the more gems it costs to Speed Up.


Sending ITs to Contractors is an important part of playing TrainStation. They are used to complete Contracts by sending the requested locomotives, Sets Logo Set , wagons, or resources as needed. Resources sent to contractors are removed from the player's inventory.

An IT will arrive at a Contractor's station about six minutes after being dispatched. ITs will wait at a Contractor's station for one hour. If the player manually unloads that train, the Contractor will receive a 10% bonus of the resources sent. If not unloaded after one hour, the train will unload itself and return to the player.


Sending ITs to Neighbors is a great way to support friends in TrainStation. Loading up trains with resources or sending rare locomotives for their Museum collections helps your friend's game progress. And, it usually means they will send similar trains back to the player in return.

An IT will arrive at a Neighbour's station about five minutes after being dispatched. ITs will wait at a Neighbour's station for up to 24 hours, giving the Neighbour an opportunity to collect the train's load. This 24 hour wait does not affect the IT's trip duration. Uncollected loads are lost forever and are NOT to the player!


ITs are often required for completing various Achievements which reward players with many useful trains, items, XP and even gems Gems.

Trainroute PlannerEdit

The Trainroute Planner extension lets the player send a train to more than one recipient. See the Trainroute Planner page for details.

Redirecting ITsEdit

Switch Outpost
The Switch Outpost is a Special Building Logo Special which can be purchased from the Shop and placed on any one of the player's stations. All future ITs will arrive at that station, which helps organize train management. See also Train Yard Tower for similar behavior with Express Trains.


ITs receive a bonus to capacity over Local Trains. This allows the player to send larger quantities of resources with each trip.

IT Math
  • The math part
    • A 0% bonus wagon when you start the game using a steam train can send 225 materials
    • From there you can just add the different bonus to see how much will be sent :


  • Dispatching a Crampton with 4 Log Cart
    1. A log cart is 10% bonus on Wood
    2. So 225X1.10 or 225+((225X10)/100) = 247.5 ==>248 Wood per wagon
    3. 248 Wood X 4 wagons = 992 Wood Total

  • Dispatching a EMD SD7 with 5 Chrome Wood
    1. The Chrome Wood is 100% bonus on Wood
    2. The diesel train gives a 40% bonus
    3. So 225x2 or 225+((225x100)/100) = 450 Wood per wagon
    4. Diesel bonus 450x1.4 or 450+((450x40)/100) = 630 Wood per Wagon
    5. 630 Wood X 5 Wagons = 3150 Wood Total

After that the math stays the same you just need to add the 50% for container storage, the Set Bonus if the train has one, don't forget the 15% bonus per extra destinations and the 10% unloading if doing a contract. On the right you can see a table I've made for reference with most of the Wagon Bonus.

Special BuildingsEdit

Certain Special Buildings Logo Special Icon Shop Building give a bonus to the carrying capacity of IT when placed at any player's station:

Train Type Resource Name Bonus
ALL Material Container Storage
Container Storage
Passenger/Mail Terminal
Steam Icon Shop Loco Material Brick Workshop
Brick Workshop
Passenger/Mail Railway Hotel
Railway Hotel
Diesel Icon Shop Diesel Material Machine Oratory
Machine Oratory
Maglev Icon Shop Maglev Material Bright Office
Bright Office
Passenger/Mail Droplet