In TrainStation, every week new items are released. These items are typically more powerful than the previous week. This constant advance causes the active Mystery Depot boxes to become outdated as time goes on. Because of this, about every year or two, Pixel Federation updates or replaces them to contain better rewards.

This Historical Mystery Depot Historical Mystery Depot page is dedicated to archiving information on any Mystery Depot box that has been permanently removed from the game.

The Discounted Cost below refers to the 10% discount a player gets after completing Alan's contracts.

Name Cost Discounted
Buy XP Level Removed
Mysterious Bags Mysterious Bags 250,000 Gold 225,000 Gold 2,000 XP 40 14 Mar 2016
Secret Box Secret Box 650,000 Gold 585,000 Gold 5,500 XP 60 14 Mar 2016
Unmarked Container Unmarked Container 60 Gems 54 Gems 5,000 XP 70 14 Mar 2016
Unlabeled Crates Unlabeled Crates 1,750,000 Gold 1,575,000 Gold 14,000 XP 85 14 Mar 2016
Forgotten Cargo Forgotten Cargo 6,000,000 Gold 5,400,000 Gold 48,000 XP 120 14 Mar 2016
Strange Package Strange Package 90 Gems 81 Gems 7,500 XP 120 14 Mar 2016

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