Players can send free gifts to each other using the Gifts button in the control panel. These items are given at no cost to the player and are different each day of the week. By default, a limit of 40 gifts can be sent per hour and the Gift Box capacity is 200, but there are Special Buildings that can improve your gifting abilities:
Building Level Needed Cost Bonus
Royal Warehouse 39 Glass+Steel+Gravel +100 Gift Box capacity
Royal Post Office 39 Nails+Bricks+Steel Send 20 more Gifts per hour
Narita Control Tower 71 Gems Send 20 more Gifts per hour
Aerodrome Tower 93 Gems Send 20 more Gifts per hour
Gift Shop 183 Glass+Gravel+Cement Send 20 more Gifts per hour
Model Train Store 244
Send 20 more Gifts per hour
Cumnock Hall 100 final reward from Esther (2016) Send 20 more Gifts per hour
Namaste Tower
Icon Shop SO 15 Jan 2015
Icon Shop VO 9 Dec 2015
Send 20 more Gifts per hour
Gift House 130
Logo Limited 21 Dec 2015 - 4 Jan 2016
Send 20 more Gifts per hour
Abandoned Shop 125
Logo Limited 24 Oct - 7 Nov 2016
Send 20 more Gifts per hour

Gift Stars
When sending gifts, it can be helpful to keep track of certain neighbors. Using bronze, silver, and gold stars, the player can mark neighbors and then filter the list as needed. This is extremely nice when the player has a large number of neighbors.

The stars can be used in any combination like seen here and can be toggled on and off as needed. While there is a Select All button, once neighbors are added to the send window, they must be removed one at a time. A search bar here assists in locating neighbors (it is case sensitive).

Normal GiftsEdit

These are the gifts typically available to send to neighbors:

Gift Type Min. Level Available
1,300 Gold Currency 1 Everyday
10,000 Mail Resource 1 Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat
500 Wood Resource 1 Sat
500 Nails Resource 1 Thu
500 Bricks Resource 16 Wed
500 Glass Resource 21 Tue
500 Steel Resource 30 Sun
500 Gravel Resource 35 Mon
500 Fuel Resource 25 Thu
500 U-235 Resource 40 Sat
500 Cement Resource 49 Wed
500 Rubber Resource 54 Fri
500 Carbon Resource 58 Tue
500 Titanium Resource 62 Sun
500 Marble Resource 64 Mon
500 Wires Resource 66 Sat
500 Plastics Resource 68 Fri
500 Silicon Resource 70 Thu

NOTE: As of the 24 Apr 2017 Game Update, Pixel Federation updated the normal Gifts offered. They removed all flags and wagons and replaced them with materials.

Other GiftsEdit

These gifts were offered for a limited time, usually during special occasions:

Gift Type Build XP Minimum level Passenger / Space
or Bonus
Available Notes
Sakura Decoration 60 XP Saturday removed 15 May 2014
Eucalyptus Decoration 40 XP Tuesday removed 15 May 2014
Wrought Iron Fence Decoration 20 XP Wednesday removed 15 May 2014
Wanted Poster Decoration 40 XP Thursday removed 15 May 2014
Tulip Patch Decoration 70 XP Thursday removed 15 May 2014
Station Roof Decoration 40 XP Friday removed 15 May 2014
Living Statue Decoration 40 XP Monday removed 15 May 2014
Sedan Car Decoration 40 XP Sunday removed 15 May 2014
Shiny Eggs Decoration Easter 2013
Colourful Eggs Decoration Easter 2013
Shamrock Patch Decoration 70 XP St. Patrick's Day 2013
Green Sedan Decoration 40 XP St. Patrick's Day 2013
Valentine Topiary Decoration 60 XP Valentine's Day 2013
Candy Pole (Green) Decoration XP Christmas 2011, 2012
Candy Pole (Red) Decoration XP Christmas 2011
Candy Stick Decoration XP Christmas 2012
Delicate Shards Decoration XP Winter 2011
Rural Residence Building +6Passenger/h
4 Space
Friday removed 15 May 2014
Boulevard House Building +8Passenger/h
5 Space
Wednesday removed 15 May 2014
Calle Cavalli Building +9Passenger/h
6 Space
Monday removed 15 May 2014
Gassho-Zukuri Building +8Passenger/h
5 Space
Saturday removed 15 May 2014
Backstreet Condo Building +8Passenger/h
5 Space
Sunday removed 15 May 2014
Small Camp Building +4Passenger/h
3 Space
Friday removed 15 May 2014
Shamrock Camp Building +5Passenger/h
3 Space
St. Patrick's Day 2013
Brown Wagon Passenger & Mail Wagon 30 Passenger + 500 Mail Wednesday
Propeller Carrier Special Wagon +80% Tuesday removed 15 May 2014
Eagle Wagon Special Wagon +100% Tuesday removed 15 May 2014
Reindeer Wagon Special Wagon +100% Saturday removed 15 May 2014
Queen's Tulips Special Wagon +100% Dutch Queen's Day 2013
Moose Transport Special Wagon +100% no longer available
Emu Wagon Special Wagon +100% no longer available
Spring Carrier Special Wagon +100% Easter 2013
Shamrock Transport Special Wagon +100% St. Patrick's Day 2013
Valentine Wreath Special Wagon +175% Valentine's Day 2014
Blazer Steam Locomotive Winter 2016
Frozen Blazer Steam Locomotive Winter 2016
Imp Steam Locomotive Halloween 2016 for TrainStation's 6th Anniversary
Gift Steam Locomotive Christmas 2017
Candy Flag Flag +10Passenger/h Christmas 2011, 2012 and 2013
Carnival Flag Flag +10Passenger/h Carnival 2014
Snow Drift Decoration XP Winter 2012

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