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Settings and Screen ControlsEdit

Page under construction, information to be added about settings and screen controls.

  • As part of the 30 Jun 2011 Game Update, the HI/LO quality toggle and 3 level volume toggle.
  • As part of the 28 Jul 2011 Game Update, you can lock elements (buildings and decorations) on the streets to prevent accidentally selling or moving them.
  • As part of the 18 Aug 2011 Game Update, the lock feature does not include flags.
  • As part of the 25 Aug 2011 Game Update, the building tools were added to allow you to show and hide each street as well as clear a street to put the contents into storage.
  • As part of the 7 Jul 2012 Game Update, widescreen was added.
  • As part of the 12 Aug 2012 Game Update, building tool is now available after purchasing the 2nd Street extension (previously, it was available after purchasing the 3rd Street extension)
  • From the sending screen you can click and drag to view the entire train.