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Settings and Screen ControlsEdit

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  • As part of the 30 Jun 2011 Game Update, the HI/LO quality toggle and 3 level volume toggle.
  • As part of the 28 Jul 2011 Game Update, you can lock elements (buildings and decorations) on the streets to prevent accidentally selling or moving them.
  • As part of the 18 Aug 2011 Game Update, the lock feature does not include flags.
  • As part of the 25 Aug 2011 Game Update, the building tools were added to allow you to show and hide each street as well as clear a street to put the contents into storage.
  • As part of the 7 Jul 2012 Game Update, widescreen was added.
  • As part of the 12 Aug 2012 Game Update, building tool is now available after purchasing the 2nd Street extension (previously, it was available after purchasing the 3rd Street extension)
  • From the sending screen you can click and drag to view the entire train.
  • As part of the 10 Sep 2018 Game Update, now allow the player to received faster trains on arrival and dispatch at their (own) station.
  • Also, Multi-Purchase Slider feature now allow the user to buy the items from Shop up to 100 (similar to selling the items from the storage), rather than having to buy it each time. However player must beware that buying up to 100 must require minimum of 100 space available in the storage, otherwise it will given max amount by player storage space it has for the user to buy. For example if the user have only 40 storage space, it will only give the user up to 40 times (from the feature) to buy that items from the shop.

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